Spring Cleaning Musts

/Spring Cleaning Musts

Spring Cleaning Musts

Spring is finally upon us! It’s time to open the windows, let the fresh air in, pull up your shirt sleeves, and get the dust out of your home! Spring also means driving the kids around for sports practice, taking the family on weekend getaways, and enjoying the warmer weather outside. When you don’t have time to get the proper spring cleaning done, it might be time to hire a cleaning service. After the long winter, dirt, dust, and grime have built up, leaving surfaces all over your home covered with germs. Let Dust Gnome Cleaning take care of the spring cleaning for you this year. You can enjoy getting outside with your family and come home to a perfectly clean house.

When Dust Gnome Cleaning service comes to your home, we will work through each room of the house to ensure that every surface has been touched and is germ-free.


Lighting fixtures are often overlooked and are covered in dirt. Cleaning fixtures will allow more light to shine as well as making the space healthier. Doors and knobs will also get a wipe down. Coat hooks or closets will be thoroughly cleaned so that surfaces are dust free. After months of winter, salt and mud will be wiped away leaving a fresh floor.

Why Hire Dust Gnome Cleaning Service?


Keeping windows closed through the winter means the windows and sills are probably covered with dirt. We will open windows and make sure the surface of the window sill is spotless. Bedroom drawer surfaces and knobs will be wiped down and freshened up. Mirrors will be washed and art frames on the walls can be dusted. Baseboards, vents and other surfaces near the floor will be thoroughly wiped down. Stuffy carpet will be like new with a thorough vacuuming.


The bathroom is one of the hardest and time-consuming rooms to clean, the floor, sink, and tub will be paid special attention to ensure the room is germ-free. If there are windows in your bathroom, they will be opened and washed just like in the bedroom. Window coverings and hardware will be dusted. Flat surfaces on the counter, corners around the sink and the tub where dirt hides will be brought out and cleaned away. The crevices of the sink faucet will shine and baseboards and vents will be like new.


The room where the family may spend most of their time, the kitchen also has many hiding places for dust and germs. The top of the refrigerator can be a scary place if it is used as a storage place for small appliances. The stove top, dishwasher, floors, window sills, and counters will all have a thorough cleaning.

Living Room

A must in the living room is cleaning lighting fixtures, dusty surfaces on the TV stand, bookcases, window sills, baseboards, and floors. After the kitchen, the living room is a space where the family can sit and relax. With a proper spring cleaning, you can relax without worrying about breathing dusty air.

Surfaces throughout the house can be missed during spring cleaning. Let a professional cleaning service come in and take care of this time-consuming chore for you. Get a free cleaning quote from a reliable housekeeping service today.

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